The Pros of effective CCTV

  • Information is the backbone of an effective security system. That certainty that your kids are safe, that your dog didn’t destroy the sofa, that a thief hasn’t run away with thousands of pounds worth of valuables. Video cameras let us stay connected to what matters most in a powerful way, and our smartphones provide us with the gateway to make that connection accessible from anywhere. Cameras play a major role in a comprehensive security plan, but they should NOT be the only step, ideally an alarm system should be installed also.

    Cameras can deter crime.
    Cameras serve two primary roles in home defense:
    1) Deter would-be intruders
    2) Capture video evidence to aid a police investigation

    Criminals don’t like being watched when they’re at work. If you make your premises more secure they will just go elsewhere. even a single security camera displayed in a prominent position can be an effective deterrent in its own right. Make them visible. camera positioning is important if it is to have any chance of capturing a license plate number or get a clear shot of someone’s face Most cameras manufactured for residential use range between £50 & £150, but if you want to buy some really high-end professional-grade cameras (like those you might expect in a bank), those can be several hundred pounds each. You can also find something dirt cheap entire systems on Amazon, you'll find no reputable company will be installing them, as with cameras, you tend to get what you pay for. Trying to cut corners on price will likely make it so that you’ll have to buy better cameras down the line to replace them It is important to consider that the Installation of any CCTV system is not an easy thing to do neatly or effectively and you will almost certainly regret not having it done professionally down the line