Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm basics

  • All existing buildings except domestic premises are subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Responsible Person, as defined in the order, has to conduct a fire risk assessment. This FRA will decided the appropriate British standard necessary to provide a suitable and sufficient solution for the premises. If you do not have one yet visit our Fire risk assessment page or give us a call for advice.


    Fire Panel Kentec

    Kentec Fire Panels

    A Kentec fire alarm kit, suitable for most small and medium size domestic and commercial installations
    An apollo Expander kit

    Wire Free Systems

    a Range of wireless installation options, great for when cabling is not practical
    an image of a ctec panel

    Ctec Conventional Fire panels

    We install various panels ensuring you get a bespoke solution.
    Kentec panel

    Addressable fire panels

    Addressable fire panels are needed on larger or higher risk installations.
    medium size house

    Domestic and HMO's

    Alarm System

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    Retail or Commercial

    Alarm System

    installation and maintenance packages to suit all requirements. if you need help call today!
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